How to setup your Free Trial to Solid Data Storage, and run your first backup:

Step 1: Downloading the Software

1.     Go to


2.     Select the type of software for your computer by clicking on the correct icon.

3.     Either click or right-click on the correct icon and select to download the file and store it on your computer

Step 2: Setting up the Solid Data OBM software

1.     Open the file you have downloaded.

2.     Follow the instructions: English=OK, Welcome=Next, Read and Accept then Next, Location=Next, Anyone=Next, Ready=Install, Launch=Finish

3.     In the Startup Wizard screen, click  the https button, and then enter Address of: , then click Next

4.     When asked whether you want a trial user or user account, select "Trial Registration", then click "Next".  Select a username ( NB: should be customer name, NOT admin or test etc) and password for your new backup account (make sure you write these details down somewhere to keep).   Enter your email address.  Click "Submit".


6.     In the Add New File Backup Set, leave the name as it is, and click "Next".  You can choose any of the standard options provided, and/or click Advanced, then go through (by using the plus-signs to open and see more detail) and tick the folders you need to back up (see Figure 1).    Once you have made selections, click "Next".

7.     Click "Properties" to edit the backup time (see Figure 2) – or for 9pm backup, just click next.  Enter your time to run the backup (you should set it to a time just after you finish work each day), then click "OK" then "Next".

8.     Click "Next", then Click "Finish".

9.     Click the "Save Setting" button on the top right of the window. 

10.   Run your first backup - click the big green "Backup" button


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What Clients Say:

“As an accountant I have financial data from my customers stored on my computers, as well as critical and time-sensitive data as a result of doing our work. After another accountant had her home-office burned in a bushfire just before she needed to lodge returns for her clients to the Tax Office, I knew that a secure and reliable off-site backup was essential for my business. I sleep well at night knowing that all my critical data is being securely backed up by Solid Data. The daily emails reassure and guarantee my data, and that financial data from my customers that I have stored, will always be there when I need it.”

- Beverley Alley, Managing Director, Beverley Alley Accounting.