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Protect Your Critical Data

As a small business or organisation, you value your data enormously. Just like any commercial organisation, you have documents, financial, email and operational records to protect. What makes you different from a larger business is the extra pressure on expenses and the need to convert every penny earned into productivity or profits.

If you don't back up your critical business information, a disaster could strike at any time, causing you to lose all or most of it. Ignoring that possibility, or forever putting off action, is not the responsible way to run a business. Once you have lost your critical's too late to back it up!

If you don't back up your data regularly, or if you use tapes, hard drives or CD’s, now is the time to change your ways. Having an up-to-date copy of your data kept outside your office could potentially save your organisation from havoc caused by a computer virus, power surge, theft, fire, flood or other calamity.
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Guaranteed Security of Your Backups

This information is also very sensitive and privacy is a key concern to you, the owners of that information. We recognise this, and in this document will show you why Solid Data Storage will not only be no less secure than your current processes, but will in fact enhance the privacy and security of your information.

The key compnents that layer over each other to provide security are: SSL security over your password, very strong encryption (scrambling) of your data before it leaves your premises, Username/Password, and an Ex-Defense secure data centre facility where the data is stored.

To give you an idea of how strong the scrambling of your data is, Blowfish is Military Grade encryption. This has been quantified by Bruce Schneier, a leading expert in cryptography, whose calculations are that a $1 million computer may be able to break into a blowfish message in around 300 years. So this gives an idea on the amount of resources the intruder would be required to have at his disposal to access your information.
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Fully Automated Backups - Never Forget or Have Any Hassles

Every night, you leave your computer running so the software can do all the work. At a time during the night as scheduled to suit your needs, the software will ‘wake up’. It then looks around the directories and files you have nominated as important, and works out which have been changed that day and therefore will need to be backed up.

The software then prepares copies of the files to send to our server by taking the changed bits, compressing them to make the transfer shorter, and encrypting them so nobody else can read them. It uses your Internet connection to dial up to the Internet and connect to our secure server. Once the server has checked to make sure your computer is the valid one, the software then transfers the encrypted and compressed copies to Solid servers.

The files are checked to make sure all information was successfully sent, then a log is created so that next morning you can see that the backup was successful, and then have peace of mind that your information is safe.
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Hassle-Free Setup

Setup of the software is actually very easy, with everything pre-configured except your username and password and files to be backed up. Our consultants have experience with most common applications and know where all those bits of information are stored on your computers. That way you can be sure all of your critical information is protected.
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What Clients Say:

"I am very satisfied with the Solid Data Storage online backup service. I sleep better at night knowing I don't have to think about a tape change. I also have extra peace in the morning when I check the log to see that all of yesterdays data has been saved, off site and secure."

- Cherry Matthews. Office Manager, Community Connections Inc.