Security of Solid Data Storage Online Data Backups

The backup and recovery solution of Solid Data Storage is a key element to the successful ongoing operations of any small business who has critical computer-based information, especially personal medical records. This information is also very sensitive and privacy is a key concern to you, the owners of that information. We recognise this, and in this document will show you why Solid Data Storage will not only be no less secure than your current processes, but will in fact enhance the privacy and security of your information. We guarantee 100% security of your sensitive data.


1. Scrambled Data

You data is encrypted (which means scrambled) by our software before it ever leaves your computers. What this means is that to all people but you, your files stored on the Solid Data backup server are no more than some garbage files with random content. The only way to read your files is to download them and un-scramble them using your password.

To give you an idea of how strong this encryption is, here are some facts about twofish, the type of encryption we use in the software:

  • It was one of only five AES finalists chosen by NIST in the US Government.
  • It is subject to public reviews, but no known attack against this has been successful.
  • The time required to crack it is gigantic - Even if you have the worlds best super computer, IBM’s ASCI White, it would take 8.77 x 1017years to test all combinations

You can be sure that your data stored on our server is 100% secured

Diagram of scrambled and encrypted security backup data


2. Data Stored in Secure Ex-Defense Facility

Our state-of-the-art, ex-Defense Department data centre is locked in, guarded, firewalled, fire-protected, and power-protected. The facility is:

  • "top secret" rated facility, operated purely for the security of the computers inside
  • halon-gas fire extinguishers, and a diesel generator for backup.
  • in a locked building with multiple layers of security, including physical security of the building, the room, and the racks in which the computers are locked, and security guards

This means your data is locked down tight, protected from even the worst natural disasters, fire, flood, and theft

Image of secure online data backup facility


3. Username and Password

You get to choose your own username and password to prevent other people accessing your information:

  • this means that the only way anybody can use the system to get to your information is through your own computer and using your username and password (like your account number and PIN on your ATM card)


4. Better Security than what you are doing now!

On the other hand, we can compare this with the types of security you might have in place for your backups. For example you probably back up to CD’s, hard-drives or tapes, and then either store them in your business or take them to another location. We recommend of course that you regularly take them to another location to be stored so that when your computers are stolen or burned in a disaster the backups will survive.

So when you take the backups off-site, you probably take them in your car, or in the car of a staff member. You probably have them stored at home, or at a staff members home. So how hard is it to break into these places to get the backup and take the information. Well a car can be broken into with a brick – free for a thief with a strong arm – and a house is not much safer.

So you can see that the security and privacy of your information is not threatened by the Solid Data Storage system, it is in fact enhanced.

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What Resellers say:

“Solid Data Storage has been an important solution for the backup needs of many of my small business customers. I have been making commissions for a number of years and Solid Data provides excellent support”

- Paul. Computer Consultant, Canberra


"I had been looking at remote backups for a while, and even thought about developing one myself. Solid Data has total data security - and my clients need that. I found using Solid Data the best way to get data offsite for my smallbiz clients. Since I started reselling Solid Data I have found that it is simple to get clients to sign-up for a free trial. Every quarter I see my commission cheque getting bigger – with almost no work…"

- John Phillips. John Phillips. Ocean Computing Solutions, Canberra