Resell Solid Data Storage - Protect Customers and Earn Commissions

If your customers fail to back up their critical business information, a disaster could strike at any time, causing them to lose all or most of it. You have probably seen it plenty of times before!

When they use Solid Data Storage to protect their critical data, it is fully automated, so they don’t need to remember to do it. The data is also totally secure from intruders, and stored offsite to protect from fire or theft. And if the worst does happen to their computer, getting the data back is extremely simple for any business owner.

Who Can Sell Online Data Backups?
If you look after medium and small business customers, and you are any one of these:

  • IT Support, VARs, computer consultants, MSP
  • Software developers and distributors
  • Accountants, bookkeepers, business coaches, business consultant
  • ISPs, web-hosts, broadband, or even computer shops

...then you can protect your customers' data and get many benefits yourself from our online backup reseller program. The Solid Data cloud backup solution is a great fit for your small to medium business and organisation customers, including the likes of non-profit organisations, financial planners, accountants, solicitors, pharmacies, GP's, architects, etc

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Your Benefits as a Reseller/Partner
Solid Data Storage provides you with an easy-to-sell service with a valuable ongoing income stream for you. All you need to do to get your business customers on board is to sign them up for a free trial. We will take it from there. For that step you will get instant sales bonuses. The best part is when the customer signs up as a subscriber to the service. After that you get ongoing commission income for the life of the customer – years of ongoing income stream!

  • Recurring revenue stream, with ongoing commissions
  • Regular spivs and sales bonuses
  • Proven technology that has been protecting customers' critical digital assets
  • with over 600,000 installations worldwide
  • Dedicated account manager to support your referring efforts
  • Your own sales mini-web site to point your customers to the service
  • Referrer Startup Kit to get sales up and running quickly, including initial training
  • We set of sales materials to suit the your needs
  • High-percentage commission payments paid quarterly
  • Access to 57 different proven sales resources including scripts, brochures, forms, website etc
  • No requirement for you to provide technical support
  • A reason to see your customers regularly
  • A great product that will give excellent customer satisfaction - so your customers will be happier with you

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Your Clients Will Benefit too
There is no need for you to learn huge amounts about the service, or spend too much time selling. Once you have the client using the free trial it will sell itself – with our help. Towards the end of the trial we will call the client, answer any questions, and convert them to a subscriber. Backing up data only takes a few minutes, and can save you endless amounts of time, frustration, and money! Backing up data has never been easier, thanks to easy-to-use solutions that can automate the process and guarantee success and availability of your data when you need it.

  • Peace of mind knowing their data is protected
  • best, simplest, most secure backup mechanism available to small business today
  • 100% Data Privacy Guarantee
  • A no-risk, 14-day, FREE Trial of the service (or DOUBLE TO 30 Days as Authorised Partner)
  • Excellent and informative training and documentation
  • friendly and experienced accessible technical support
  • A low fixed monthly fee with a hard-drive initial seed load, with unlimited backups, unlimited restores, and web-based restores

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What Resellers say:

“Solid Data Storage has been an important solution for the backup needs of many of my small business customers. I have been making commissions for a number of years and Solid Data provides excellent support”

- Paul. Computer Consultant, Canberra


"I had been looking at remote backups for a while, and even thought about developing one myself. Solid Data has total data security - and my clients need that. I found using Solid Data the best way to get data offsite for my smallbiz clients. Since I started reselling Solid Data I have found that it is simple to get clients to sign-up for a free trial. Every quarter I see my commission cheque getting bigger – with almost no work…"

- John Phillips. John Phillips. Ocean Computing Solutions, Canberra