Download Solid Data Cloud Backup Forms

If you are using Solid Data Storage Cloud backup, and want to make any admin changes, please download, complete and fax in any of the forms below.

Signup form for business plans - use these forms to signup to any of the award winning Solid Data Storage online data Cloud Backup plans (if you are about to complete a free trial - use this form)

Direct debit form - (are you sick of writing cheques???) use this form if you wish to change your payment mechanism to use direct debit or a credit card, or to change your details
Direct Debit

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Company Services

What Clients Say:

“As an accountant I have financial data from my customers stored on my computers, as well as critical and time-sensitive data as a result of doing our work. After another accountant had her home-office burned in a bushfire just before she needed to lodge returns for her clients to the Tax Office, I knew that a secure and reliable off-site backup was essential for my business. I sleep well at night knowing that all my critical data is being securely backed up by Solid Data. The daily emails reassure and guarantee my data, and that financial data from my customers that I have stored, will always be there when I need it.”

- Beverley Alley, Managing Director, Beverley Alley Accounting.