There are a number of ways to contact Solid data Corporation. We are a real company with real people and a real office. Check the map below to see where the administrative office of Solid data is.

Business Name
Solid Data Corporation

Time in Business
Incorporated: November 2000
First trading as Data Backup business: February 2001

Principals and Senior Management
Kevin Jeffery, Chief Executive Officer
Val Jeffery, Chief Operations Officer
Dave Alley, Backup Server Manager

ABN: 69 097 680 870
ACN: 097 680 870

Tharwa Business Centre
2 Union Street
Tharwa ACT 2620

Sales and Queries Contact

Phone: 1300 734 044
Fax: (02) 6103 9010

Contact For all Technical Support

Support Fax: (02) 6103 9010

Support Phone: 1300 734 044

Business Profile
Solid Data Corporation is in the business of protecting clients critical business information. We are set up to take secure and reliable technology and apply it to the unserviced need of online data backup for small to medium businesses and individuals. We provide an innovative online service that is reliable, secure, private, and safe to allow business owners to concentrate on running their businesses. We ensure peace of mind for small business owners through a fully automated, secure and offsite solution.

Both directors have long term experience in the Information Technology industry. Kevin Jeffery has been an electronic commerce strategic consultant and project manager for around eight years with wide experience in government and private industry, and has been involved in small business management for around 15 years. Val Jeffery has been managing IT businesses for over 10 years, and has been running small businesses for over 40 years.

Multi-Award Winning

Solid Data Corporation, Kevin Jeffery, and the Solid Data Storage product have won a number of awards over recent years. These awards show the quality of their service, their solutions and their committment to customers:

  • Finalist - 2005 Telstra Small Business Awards ACT
  • Winner - Australia Post Small/Medium Business Awards NSW/ACT - Micro Business Startup category
  • Winner - CANBAS Award for Customer Service "Follow Up and Follow Through" 2003
  • Highly Commended - Micro-Business Network Awards - Technology Category 2003


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Company Services

What Clients Say:

"As an accountant I have financial data from my customers stored on my computers, as well as critical and time-sensitive data as a result of doing our work. After another accountant had her home-office burned in a bushfire just before she needed to lodge returns for her clients to the Tax Office, I knew that a secure and reliable off-site backup was essential for my business. I sleep well at night knowing that all my critical data is being securely backed up by Solid Data. The daily emails reassure and guarantee my data, and that financial data from my customers that I have stored, will always be there when I need it."

- Beverley Alley, Managing Director, Beverley Alley Accounting.