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Secure Cloud Data Backup based in Canberra

Our Solid Data Storage Canberra cloud backup gives you reliable tools for backing up to the cloud, free for 30-days for 1 computer, with a Solid Data Evaluation Account. We can provide fully managed data backup with local support so you can rest easier.

Solid Data Storage Cloud Backup Features

  • Stop worrying about backup - fully secure and automated
  • Daily alerts to multiple email addresses with detailed logs
  • The only provider with initial backups via hard drive available
  • Local support based in Canberra - not just 'out in the Internet'
  • Backup Windows, Mac, or Linux to the cloud and stored backups in Canberra
  • Easy to use client software and web dashboard

Try it now, FREE Try the Solid Data Cloud Backup Free Trial Account

If you are in Canberra ACT and looking for the peace of mind from fully managed cloud backup, and you want to test out a cloud data backup service for free to see if it works, then you need the Solid Data Storage online backup trial account. Solid Data has been in business for over a decade - successfully backing up small businesses and non-profit organisations in Australia for over 10 years. Small businesses who need to back up data offsite should use a secure, automated, trusted cloud backup solution. Sign up now for your free online backup trial account.

There are other companies offering offsite backup services, so what makes us so special? Why choose us over the other companies offering what appear to be the same services? I’m glad you asked because there are 5 BIG reasons to trust us with your data security:

1. Our state-of-the-art, ex-Defense Department data center is locked in, guarded, firewalled, fire-protected, and power-protected. The facility is in a locked building with multiple layers of security, halon-gas fire extinguishers, and a diesel generator for backup. This means your data is locked down tight, protected from even the worst natural disasters, fire, flood, and theft. This primary facility is in Dickson, ACT.

2. Solid Data unconditionally guarantees the security and availability of your data or your money back. If the data is given to us, we will guarantee it will be available to you 24/7 or we’ll give you your money back! We also guarantee that your data will be 100% secure from access or tampering by 3rd parties.

Most remote backup services try to promote money-back guarantees, but if you read the small print, they only refund the last 3 months of service fees. We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is and give you a full year’s service fees back if we fail to make your data available.

3. We offer free help desk support for recovering files. Some companies charge you extra for this service, or don’t offer it at all.

4. We offer a complete hard drive disaster recovery services to restore your data if ALL of it is lost at one time. Again, most companies don’t offer this at all. We will work directly with your IT manager or network support consultant to get all of your data restored in the unfortunate event of a catastrophic loss.

5. We are a local Canberra based company with a real, live office. That might not seem too unique to you, but what you don’t realise is that some offsite data companies are made up of a couple of guys working from their back bedrooms with no way of actually reaching them other than by e-mail or phone. We have an office in Tharwa ACT and our data storage facility is in the secure data centre at Transact House in Dickson Australian Capital Territory.

If you are anywhere in the ACT, Queanbeyan or Yass, we’ll come on site, shake your hand, and buy you a cup of coffee. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a local company that can meet with you face to face rather than an unknown entity in a different state – or different country?

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What Clients Say:

“Solid Data Storage has been an important solution for the backup needs of many of my small business customers. I have been making commissions for a number of years and Solid Data provides excellent support”

- John Phillips. Computer Consultant, Canberra