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How Cloud Data Backup Could Protect You From Hacker Frauds And Ransomware

Cloud Backup to Protect from Ransomware

Posted in Data Protection on March 1.2013

Anyone who has had a really bad computer virus or their laptop taken over by ransomware knows that the internet is a dangerous, dangerous thing if it’s in the hands of the wrong people. Business owners often know that they need to invest in some form of cyber security, but they usually forget how crucially important having backups of their most important info can be.

Hackers are known for defrauding people into revealing important information, cracking passwords in order to destroy company websites, and even holding an entire company’s information system for ransom. Scarier still, many hackers attack companies at random, which means that the next victim of an extremely pricey attack might just be you.

Hacking is an international crime. It can happen to the smallest business, or to major government agencies. For example, just last month, a group of Russian hackers held an Australian hospital’s medical records for ransom. If the hospital refused to pay the ransom, they would have to try to function without patients’ medical records, and run the risk of potentially killing people by accident. Had the hospital staff made backups of those medical records, then the hospital would not have been as crippled as it was by the cyber attack.

This isn’t an isolated event by any means. US presidential candidate Mitt Romney was a target of hackers who held his tax returns for a steep ransom of $1 million. All that the hackers had to do in order to attack Romney was enter his place of business and copy the forms to a flash drive. If Mitt only would have stored that precious data in a more secure manner, chances are that hackers would have not been able to access it, or at the very least, would have had a lot more problems when it came to getting that data.

And once again, this could happen to you.

The best way to protect yourself and your business from hacker frauds, ransomware, or just really awful malware is to have backups of all your important information stored in a very secure manner. Cloud backup, which allows you to back up your files into a cloud of virtual computers, has proven to be one of the best safety measures for people who simply don’t want their data to disappear. The virtual network of computers is fluid enough to allow you to transfer files from one virtual server to another while ensuring that no one will have access to your files except for you. Depending on the backup service, your data will be encrypted before it is permanently stored, too. This way, you will still have access to your files should your computers become victim of malware or ransomware, and you also won’t have to worry about hackers breaking into your information.

If you want to move your crucial data to a remote backup (a.k.a cloud backup) service, it’s important to find a service that is fully managed, heavily encrypted, and frequently updated and maintained by properly trained staff. There are, believe it or not, lots of companies out there that offer this service. The best of the best, such as Solid Data, go so far as to use ex-government server vaults for the base of their cloud.

Many business owners also don’t realize that backing up data onto the cloud doesn’t have to be expensive, and that it usually isn’t a major cost to companies. Take it from us - it’s best to back up your data soon, and effectively, before you end up being the next victim of hacker ransoming tactics.

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