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How Cloud Data Backup Could Protect You From Hacker Frauds And Ransomware

Posted in Data Protection on March 1.2013

Anyone who has had a really bad computer virus or their laptop taken over by ransomware knows that the internet is a dangerous, dangerous thing if it’s in the hands of the wrong people. Business owners often know that they need to invest in some form of cyber security, but they usually forget how crucially important having backups of their most important info can be.

Hackers are known for defrauding people into revealing important information, cracking passwords in order to destroy company websites, and even holding an entire company’s information system for ransom. Scarier still, many hackers attack companies at random, which means that the next victim of an extremely pricey attack might just be you.

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Non-Profit Organisation Finally Has Reliable Backup

Posted in Backup Nonprofit on Nov 15.2010

Community Connections ACT is one of my happy clients at using our secure, automated, online backup service. See what she says:

"I am very satisfied with the Solid Data Storage online backup service. I sleep better at night knowing I don't have to think about a tape change. I also have extra peace in the morning when I check the log to see that all of yesterdays data has been saved, off site and secure."

We are a small non-profit organisation and as such we have limited resources and no great technical expertise in-house. So before Solid Data came along we were trying to do backups ourselves, and it was always a hassle and we were never really sure whether it was working. We now have had peace of mind knowing that our data is backed up 'daily' rather than whenever we remembered to follow the backup schedule.

The daily emails to tell us that everything backed up again last night go to both myself and my computer support people, and so we all know what is going on.

I can say that backups were one of the things that always scared me because the cost of losing our data is enormous – now I am very comfortable.” Cherry Matthews, Office Manager Community Connections Inc

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Even Virgin Gets Affected by Computer Crashes

Posted in General on Dec 15.2010

I was just sitting in the Virgin Lounge today waiting for my delayed flight to Melbourne when I saw the news item on the TV about all the Virgin delays. Virgin Blue had their reservations and check-in computer systems go down on Sunday, and then their backup systems didn’t come up as expected. So instead of a two-hour delay, they said that they had 18 hours without access to those critical systems. Now Virgin has done a great job to find alternate ways of doing their business during that time, and to find either flights, accommodation, food or anything else they can reasonably do for their customers who were affected by the delays caused by the crash. The problem is that people will still feel aggrieved and upset (rightly so for some who could miss connecting international flights and other bookings), and so the pure fact of not being back up and running straight away is damaging their reputation.

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Success Story - Insurance Business Data Recovered

Posted in General on Sep 25.2009

I have chosen the success story of the month to be Geoff Grimshaw, a customer who understands the importance of protection , being in the insurance industry himself. I received the following story from Geoff, and believe it reminds us all what to do.

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Are you putting too much on your staff?

Posted in General on Dec 29.2010

So you have a physical backup system - tapes, hard drives, NAS's etc - and you have your staff changing the tapes over every day and someone taking them home. This seems OK, they have procedures, they have been shown what to do - it seems all pretty simple. But is it? Have you asked your staff if they are comfortable with the responsibility of changing the tapes or hard drives every day? Have you asked them if they are comfortable taking the drives home at night - in their car, to their house? They will be thinking "what if I lose them, what if I don't do it right???". There are so many ways of doing it automatically now that you no longer need to burden your staff with these responsibilities - and you can get them to focus their minds on their core work.

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“With Solid Data we get peace of mind because they have our data when we need it. We have data that is critical to the running of our business so we cannot afford to lose it”

- Joy Nicholls. Financial Controller, React - Your Local Rehab Provider