About Solid Data

Solid Data Corporation is one of the oldest and most trusted backup providers in Australia. Solid data has been successfully and securely backing up data for ten years.

Solid Data Corporation is a market leader in innovative backup solutions for small organisations. We specialise in providing the best backup capabilities for small businesses, home-based businesses and non-profit organisations. We have been offering the services for over three years. The technology provides benefits far outweighing any traditional options for those organisations, and at prices much less than any solution involving physical media and manual handling.

Solid Data’s flagship Solid Data Storage online backup service is utilised by businesses, charities, associations, individuals and government organisations all around Australia. Partners ranging from IT Support providers, to computer retailers, software developers, accountants and bookkeepers offer the service to their clients.

Solid Data Corporation began life in 2000 in Canberra, and focussed on identifying the backup needs of small enterprises and finding the best solutions available. During that early stage a number of online solutions were tested, and the resulting technology proved a winner with test clients and our technical and security experts. During 2002, after spending time selling the service to the Canberra marketplace, Solid Data developed a number of partner programs to assist other business-support people to offer online backup to their clients.

Since then the Solid Data Partner Program has been improved for both partners and their clients. Many new partners have signed up and they are finding it quite easy to sign up subscribers. Solid Data now has active partners in most Australian states as well as Canada and New Zealand.

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About the Team

Kevin Jeffery has been managing Solid Data Corporation since 2001. Solid Data has won Australia Post and Telstra awards during that time, and have successfully backed up and restored the data of hundreds of businesses and organisations. Kevin Jeffery has previously had a consultiung career in online services and risk management, and has operated an IT support business providing IT services to hundreds of small businesses.

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Val JEFFERY Operations Manager
Val Jeffery has over 50 years running businesses, government and volunteer organisations. Val has been running the adnministration and operations for the Solid Data Storage online backup service for over ten years.

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Virginia AMOS Queensland Branch Manager
Virginia Amos now Queensland Branch Manager has worked with you company for 5 years. When Virginia started with us she was based in Canberra for 4 years dealing with professional people and non profit organisation. She now works from the Gold Coast and helps business people set up remotely because of the vast distances.

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Company Services

What Clients Say:

“My critical data was not being managed correctly. If I had have had a disaster it may well have cost me my complete business. The Solid Data Storage package is incredibly easy and excellent value for money. Every micro and small business that uses a computer should be using this service.”

- Michael Hardy. CEO, Go Forward Coaching