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You Can't Start Thinking About Backup AFTER You Lose All Your Data - Do It Now! Now you can protect your livelihood, make sure your doors stay open, manage your business smarter, and save yourself potentially thousands of dollars. You can do it because the Solid Data Storage service is fully automated and comes with complete support so any business person can use it - you don't need to be a computer guru!.

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MYOB backupBacking up MYOB affectively.
We all know that MYOB has its own inbuilt backup process. This creates a zip file and sticks it generally on your C drive. The next step is to have some automated backup of your important MYOB data, and also some way of getting it offsite.

Cloud Backup from laptopBacking up to the Cloud now?.
Now cloud computing is all the rage - should you be using it for one of your critical business functions - backup? The answer is yes - but we will have a look at the ways you can use the cloud for backup andfor disaster recovery and file access in emergencies.

Exchange server data backupTech Tip - Online Backup for Exchange.
Backing up Microsoft Exchange has always been one of the more interesting tasks for the IT people around the place, especially when looking after small sites. There is a "Best Practice" way of utilising online data backup for Exchange.

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“Solid Data saved us untold amounts of time and money recently when a human error caused all of our documents, databases and files to be lost. We had our major annual fundraiser coming up the following week, and the loss would have cost us incredibly! With Sold Data we contacted them and had our data back to us from their secure storage and reloaded onto our own server. They graciously assisted me in restoring the lost data and got my system up and running. I am absolutely sold on Solid Data and highly recommend the service”

- Debra Quinnell. Executive Officer, Canberra Blind Society